Fap Quest makes you fight Lustful opponents through out a Quest. The Kingdom needs you (and your D).

How to Install


It's a Java application, so to run the software you'll need to have Java installed. You can find it here :

Linux (Tutorial by "chemiserouge")

Check the version of your installed Java JRE with the command "java -version". If the build is greater than or equal to 1.8, run the game with this command : "java -jar FapQuest.jar". Otherwise you have to install Java JRE.

Installation for (Debian/Ubuntu/etc...): sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre


Official Site

Download: MEGA


Version 0.2a

  • Add “Options Panel” to adapt the difficulty to your taste.
  • Add “Boss Fights” to spice a little the game.
  • Add a file “beat_patterns.dat” that you can edit to modify/remove and add patterns to the game.
  • The Gifs used in Intro and End scenes are now “slowed down/sped up” to fit the whole Intro/Ending by default (if you don’t add any [@#@] to their file names).

Version 0.1b

  • Works on Linux (Thanks to "chemiserouge" for his help)